Friday, August 7, 2009

Imagine melancholy pop music playing!

I met here in first grade, we were both 6. We never spoke. Second grade, third, and fourth went by and we still hadn't spoken. I was too chicken to speak to her cause i thought she would judge me for not speaking our native language.

Fifth grade something happened, and a new friendship blossomed. I talked a lot ( as usual) and she listened intently. She laughed at my jokes and played hide and seek with me. Some years later, we were inseparable. We talked over the phone everyday after school for hours. We talked about everything from what we had for lunch to who we saw in the street. We finished eachother's sentences, and learned to know what the other was thinking. She became my best friend, the person i trusted the most. She knew all my secrets and i hers.  At 15 years of age we said our goodbye's and we wouldn't see each other for 6 years. 

We were 20 y.o. and we finally met again. First thing i said to her "You haven't changed!", " How's the weather down there?" she asked mockingly ( she's taller than i am). 

Four months later, we said our goodbye's again. 

For the past year we have resorted to long distance phone calls, MSN and facebook. 

 My bestie, the most amazing Somali girl i have ever met has turned 22 two days ago. I love her like a sister, and can't wait to see her again. 

This post is dedicated Mona Ali. 

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