Monday, August 24, 2009

The trees are blossoing and the waves are crashing and i am stuck in the library.

I have spent the past few months sleeping by the fireplace in our living room. The heat that came from it kept me warm all night, and it's light was bright enough for me not to knock into the coffee table when i woke up at night. Yesterday it all changed. I gotta let you know though, the reason i started sleeping on the floor of our living room was because my bed was placed right under the window in my room, and in the cold Dunedin winter i couldn't sleep. Not even when i had 5 blankets over me. Yes, it is that cold sometimes.

After my sister had moved to another city i decided to take over the now empty room and claim it as mine. And i did. I re-arranged the bed, cleaned her remaining stuff from the spacious wardrobe and brought all my things into the room. It looks so lovely and bright now. It's pink, which i don't really like, but at least it's all mine now.

I slept in my bed again last night, and it was ok. I miss being warm all night, and not having to get out of bed to watch t.v. in the morning. But i guess it'll just take some getting used to. Again.

Anyways, i didn't come on here to talk about that, i came to say I HATE MONDAYS! Yes they suck. I have always (and still do) believed that Monday is my unlucky day. Only on Monday's do bad things happen to me. I'm not a superstitious person at all, but i just know to be extra careful on Mondays cause something is bound to happen, like falling down a flight of stairs, tripping over my own shoes, breaking stuff, the weather being sunny instead of hailing as was predicted ( which means i'll probably be wearing so many layers of clothing and carrying my stupid does-not-fit-in-my-bag umbrealla).

Mondays are cursed for me i tell ya. Cursed.

Monday is also the first day of the working/studying week. Need i say more?


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