Friday, September 18, 2009

My brain cannot be failing me at this age, i'm still too young.

I don't know if it's something i've eaten or drunk  (i haven't had a V or lift plus lately though) but i have been in a good mood these past 2 days. Yes i was sick and fell asleep on the couch every 5 minutes, and yes i stayed within the walls of our home these 2 days, but i just feel like the time i spent at home (alone) completely relaxed me. I am not worried about my finals (yet!) or about that essay i got an extension for but haven't yet worked on properly, i am not at all worried about the assignments i got due the next 4 weeks either. Whatever it is i love it!

Tomorrow's to-do list:
- apply for orientation and course approval jobs @ sjs
-put tutor ad @ sjs
-find top for skirt
-look for gift for Sha
-meet for 203
-finish Vietnam essay
-return dvd's

Thank God it's Friday tomorrow.

Edit: It's Friday already =p


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