Friday, November 27, 2009

Thank God it's Friday!

To be honest, i don't think i should be saying "Thank God it's Friday" seeing as i've been on holiday these past two weeks. In all honesty, i miss uni. Yes, i miss uni. I miss having something to wake up to each morning (or afternoon sometimes), i miss seeing my close friends everyday. I miss my lunches, sushi breaks, my coffee breaks, random walks into town to take our minds off of studying/assignments/exams. I really do miss it all.

Also, i miss my mum. She flew out to the Emirates two weeks ago, the day before my 22nd birthday to be exact. I talk to her everyday, but that's not enough. It never is.  I love her so much, and cannot wait for her to return. I hope it is soon. Home just isn't home without her.

I've been thinking over what i did this time last year, what i do every holiday, but nothing is coming to me. I only sleep, wake up and watch t.v nowadays. On some days (when the sun's out) my sisters and i head out to town which really only consists of one street. It is the very mundane, and the fact that most of the university students have left has magnified it's lifelessness heaps, it's unbearable anymore. I joke not.  But, what can i do, i live in this uneventful, monotonous city all year round. A visit to the beach always lifts my spirits. The weather has warmed up, which has made sitting at the esplanade so much better, but those damned seagulls will rip someone's head(/ headscarf) off if they're fed anymore chips. Someone should call animal control...someone...

I gotta rack my brain for ideas. But for now, baking is my drug of choice.

Amina =D


Sha Elaiza said...

Heya! Hope your holidays gets more eventful a.s.a.p. Maybe try driving out to Brighton for lunch with the family. The fish & chips shop sells good... fish & chips.. what else.. lol. Btw I forgot to take my camera back from you. Can you please look after it til I get back? Thanks!

-Amina said...

Hey!! That's the plan, as soon as i get some $, lol. I forgot to give it back to you, it was in the car to give back to you the night of the dinner, but it completely slipped my mind. Sorry. Sure i will. It never leaves my room.


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