Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Beautiful Must-haves with a purpose

Clockwise from left: Afghani Clutch, Amal HoneyComb,  Um Kalthoum Clutch and Classic Tribal. 

Founded by Sarah Beydoun of Lebanon, Sarah's Bag aims to better the lives of underpriveledged women in Lebanon. This she does by employing them in creating the bags which have become symbolic of women's rights in Lebanon and abroad. Read more

"Sarah’s Bag is feminine, fresh, and fashionable. It is full of life and down to earth. It is distinctive, vivacious, and elegant with a touch of retro glamour and a street-wise sensibility. It is modern with a memory of what made our ancestors beautiful. It is stylishly aware and socially responsible."

Sarah's bag can be carried by any woman from all walks of life. From the fashion savvy twenty-something year old, to the middle class housewife, the career oriented woman and mother, to the upper class woman who  is an ardent fashion follower to royals like Queen Rania of Jordan. 

(Seen here carrying the Classic Tribal Clutch)

For more information about Sarah's bag and where you can find a store near you click here


SilverNeurotic said...

I like the honeycomb one, I'll have to see if they sell here.

-Amina said...

I like that one too! Also the Um Kalthoum clutch :)

Sumayyah said...

afghani!!! i likes! lol. good to see u finally got to update :D

Sumayyah said...
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