Monday, May 3, 2010

May Wish List

1. Purple and Yellow Floral scarf available @ H&M
2. Antik Batik scarf available @ net-a-porter
3. Virginia Johnstone Camel-print merino wool scarf available @ net-a-porter
4. Striped scraf available @ H&M
5. Paisley print scarves available @ Yesstyle


Mina said...

There seems to be alot of pretty colours out due to summer being right around the corner and you dont wanna be seen in dull the first a total hijab addict, ive left some back home in London since moving abroad but that just gives me the chance to buy new ones which i wouldnt have been able to since theres all these fabolous shops in the USA which we dont have in the U.K. --- i sense a shopping spree emerging hehe! btw i missed reading your blog seems like ive been away forever:) i have to catch up on your blog! hope i havent missed to are your studies going?

-Amina said...

I know, i look around the websites of stores in the UK and USA and wonder why i don't live there. There's a huge variety of designs, colors and materials, and the prices are very reasonable. I wish we had a few of these shops here, i would have been a crazy hijab girl, lol. But then again, it's almost winter here so for now, i'm gonna stick to my blacks and greys.

Don't worry, you haven't missed much. I've been in this weird mood for the past few months and haven't blogged much. I don't know if it's writers block or just laziness, whatever it is, i feel it leaving me. Lol.

I've been good, studies are becoming more and more stressful. Finals are in a month so i'm just rushing to hand in the last assignments and finish up all the little things before i start studying for the exams. It's even more stressful now that i don't live at home. I miss all the comforts and luxuries i had back then... but then i gotta be happy with my choice, and i am, alhamdulillah.

How's the move been? Where are you loving now? Update us soon.

Mina said...

Oh miskiin your home sick too...hang in their macaanto, Inshallah im sure you'll do well, its weird lol its almost summer here and its almost winter for you guys:P

Yeah theres recently been a boom in the hijab market all these wonderful designs all at a good price too Alhamdulilah:)

Glad too see you blogging again:)

Meyra said...

Salam alaykum
Just noticed the H&M over there, you do know they are financing Israel, right?
The scarves are very very nice both but its not really worth making publicity to them nor to buy, they do harm to other Muslims and non-Muslims.


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