Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June Wish List

Winter's here, time for heavy woolies, and warm scarfs!

1. Alice + Olivia Hooded Cotton Poncho @ net-a-porter
2. Dolman-Sleeve Knit Cardigan @ Yesstyle
3. 3/4 Sleeve Batwing Cardigan @ Just Jeans
4. Military Style Long Cardigan @ Valley Girl
5. Slouchy 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan @ Valley Girl
6. Dream Pattern Knit @ Jeans West


mint.fresh.muslim said...

Oooh I like, especially numbers 1 - 3! Winter across the world while it's summer over here! Liking the new template too :-)

-Amina said...

Number 1 is gorgeous... But way out of my budget :( i'm gonna settle for numbers 3-5.
Ya'll are lucky to be having summer right now. The sky's mocking us. Wellington hasn't seen a proper sunny day since May 11th.

.hopeful. said...

It's so odd to see you talking about Winter in June...while we are having summer. But don't worry, summer in Chicago is pretty cold so far!



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