Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Une belle journée

How's everyone's week going? I'm really sorry for being kinda MIA this past week. My body's still trying to get over the hellish period called finals weeks. I think i'm doing much better now, alhamdulillah. I no longer have that headache i complained about for almost two weeks, and i've managed to walk home without feeling like an 80 year old with crutches (not that i know what that feels like =p)

My favourite thing about holidays; apart from getting to sleep in without worrying about missing classes, or having to work on reports, is that i dont have to keep track of the days. I have my alarm set for the 12th of July which is the first day of the second semester. So till then, i will enjoy my carefree days, only about a week to go.

My brother flew in to Wellington this morning. Seeing him was like seeing sunlight for the first time... Not! I do love my brother, but he messed up my place that i spent hours cleaning yesterday. Boys!

Todays was a pretty hectic yet fun day. I met up with a group of friends in the morning, and headed out to a mall in a nearby suburb. I hadn't had that much fun in a long time. It was a fun girl's day out filled with chatter, shopping, eating and more chatter and shopping. At the end of the 4 hours mall crawl, i came out with a cute; and much needed pair of black pointy flats. I'm going back there on friday to get another pair of shoes hopefully.

After the mall crawl, we headed back into the city where we parted ways. I met up with my brother and his friend at this point and went for some dinner. I thought i was indecisive, but these 2 boys i was with tonight are worse. I listed the food options and all they said was 'I'm keen" to EVERY SINGLE SUGGESTION. I was close to smacking them up-side the head, but instead i took them to a New York style pizza place that i've been wanting to try for a while. Let's just say, i am not looking at Domino's and Pizza Hutt the same way again. I didn't take any pics this time, but i'll definitly drag my brother out there again before he leaves.

I'm pretty knackered. I haven't done this much walking in almost a week. Couped up in my studio-apartement, in my pj's all day seems like the better option. Holidays!

I'll have some pics and more details tomorrow. Till then, have a good Wednesday night all!


Sumayyah said...

sounds like u had heaps of fun! so far im home everyday in PJs.. waking up round 11 and sleeping at 2.. its the life lol

Sumayyah said...
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-Amina said...

I did have heaps of fun! Reminded me of mall crawls back home, lol.
Dude, that's what i do all day everyday, excpet now i have to entertain my brother while he's here. Next week, it's back to my pjs and simple (boring) life. Lol


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