Thursday, July 1, 2010

J'adore Dior

I remember as a little girl walking behind my mum as she made her way out of the house. She always smelled so beautiful, i wanted to bathe in whatever she used. Sometimes i'd sneak into her room, and spray some of it on myself.

As i grew a little older, and could distinguish smells, i knew that her perfume would be my favourite. It was strong, yet not over-powering, and it faded into the most beautiful musky-flowery smell.

Now in my early twenties, i make regular trips to the Dior counter just to relive those childhood moments. Truthfully, Dior's Poisson is my all time favourite fragrance. It reminds me of a simpler time, of my mother, of her influence on me. She is an inspiration to me. From her i get my love for life, my vivaciousness. From her i get my love of travel, fashion and the finer things in life.

What's your favourite childhood scent? Do you still use it? What is you current signature scent?


Sumayyah said...

childhood... none lol.
current signature scent... masala :D

-Amina said...

Lol... my place smells like curry nowadays. So i have to pile on the Attar =p


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