Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Où voulez-vous aller ?

As a child, I spent many afternoons engrossed in a world atlas. It was my way of passing time. So as I grew older, and learnt about more and more countries, my travel wish list grew and grew. So my lovely readers, here is a shortened version of that list, and in no particular order:
1.     Russia
2.     Macedonia
3.     New Caledonia
4.     Syria
5.     Turkey
6.     South America  {I know it’s large, but an intrepid journey through it would be a hoot and a hat}
7.     Somalia {a proper trip where I’m not forced to drive home as soon as i land}
8.     The Netherlands
9.     Scotland
Now you tell me, where do YOU want to travel?


Shahirah Elaiza said...

Oiee where is Malaysia on your list, Amina?! =x

here and there said...

Morroco! Egypt! Spain! Mauritius!

-Amina said...

Sha you know that as long as you're there i'm coming. There's no way i'm not visiting you =)

here and there, those countries are on my list too!


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