Friday, December 24, 2010

The 24 Hour Photo Challenge

A few weeks ago, the lovely Mama Mona published a post about the 24 Hour Photo Challenge that was being held on facebook by Mustafa Davis and Peter Gould.

As the title implies, participants were given a 24 Hour window in which to shoot, edit and submit their photographs. This was accompanied by a very strict set of requirements which was to ensure the pictures taken were take for the contest rather than retrieved from one's files.

This was not my first Photography contest as I'd taken part in one on a Muslim forum which i frequent. However, this was the first time I'd felt truly restricted due to the tight guidelines. One of the main requirements was the presence of a Person, a Shoe and a Book in the shot.
When i went out to take the picture, i was strapped for time as is, and the requirements made it all the more frustrating and i felt like the only way to go with the photograph was to take a literal route. I did enjoy the process though as it allowed me to do something i love and in a place i love very much also. The library to me is a sanctuary and i thoroughly enjoyed photographing from different angles, and asking my model (and sister) to pose again, and again and again.

I hope they repeat the competition as it was a very enjoyable experience, but hopefully the second time round, they give us more room to be creative.

{A lover of books}

Comments and critiques are most welcome! How else will i learn, aye.


Love and Sugar said...

Assalamualaikum sis,

Oh my friend told me about the competition but I was working that weekend! MashaAllah I like the photo, and yes it would be quite hard to get a person, shoe and a book and also get a creative, unique shot of it. It would be cool to see what people come up with. :)

Just letting you know that I've changed the url of my blog. It is now

I'm also having a giveaway so don't miss out! :)

Chloe said...

well done you! By the way (this may be quite belated, im not sure) love the new blog design! It looks very cool :)

-Amina said...

Wa alaikum al salam Love & Sugar, glad you liked the shot. In all honesty, the only thing i really like in the shot is the colors. I just hope next time they let loose with the rules a little.
Thanks for the new link, i'll defo check out the giveaway.

Chloe: Thanks! I got bored of the old layout :p Hope Melb's treating you well!=)

Shahirah Elaiza said...

Amoon, new layout I see! Very chic ;)

Mina said...
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Mina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mina said...

Amina love the new blog layout and love the pic girl Mashallah your sister looks pretty and quite content reading that book:P

My ive missed alot i have alot to catch up on...

-Amina said...

Mina! Thanks :)

Indeed, you have missed alot. If you're not busy already, catching up will just take over your time :p

Anonymous said...

don't sit on the floor with your p'etty dress!!!


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