Friday, January 28, 2011

Fabulous Footwear Friday: Fiery Red

I'm currently thinking up ways to bring more life and personality into the blog, and this morning, while watching tele, i thought 'Why not a shoe post?!'

I'm a huge Footwear aficionado, but unfortunately because i'd rather frolic around in super comfortable flats, heels are bought to look at and/or are starred at through a computer screen. And since i have hundreds of Shoe pictures saved on my laptop, i decided to share with you all my huge love for the always fabulous, but not always practical closet staple.

To begin with, what i reckon every girl should have in her shoe cupboard: Red Heels.

The Jimmy Choo's are the perfect statement shoe. Wear it with a neutral look, or with an LBD at your next girl's only party and let you shoes do the talking!

For a relaxed, day out in the town, luncheon or even a quick shopping spree, these Giuseppe Zanotti's are sure to turn heads and will take your overall look from ordinary to va va voom!

Some college-student-friendly alternatives:


Shahirah Elaiza said...

Now I feel like getting one of those shiny red shoes!

Tahira said...

I don't have any red shoes at all :(

-Amina said...

Sha, me too! I'm on the hunt for a nice pair ;)

Tahira, get some! Red pumps would look great for work also.

MissM said...

Now i feel as if i am in oz with dorothy and toto and the wicked witch of the east.


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