Saturday, February 12, 2011

Blair; The Lost Gypsy

Yesterday (Thursday) was the sort of day where with ever step taken, you were reminded of Allah (SWT)'s Greatness, and the blessings He's bestowed upon us. Most of my day was spent around greenery, we trekked from one rain forest to the other taking in the grandness of the area, and marveling at trees that were 200, 400 and even 1000 years old! Subhan'Allah! 

I won't bore you with pictures of trees, because trees are trees. But towards the end of our trip, we went to a little one-man craft shop by the name of The Lost Gypsy. Blair, the shop owner, creates little automotive (i think that's a right description) figures that move when a lever is turned. We were introduced to it by our very lovely tour guide for the day, a gentle giant man by the name of Ferg Sutherland. 

The shop, is Blair's old caravan house. Though very small in size it had a big character. It was covered from door to back window with little nick-knacks which he'd made and/or collected over the years. Certainly a pleasure to see! 

I'll leave you with some pictures from his shop and property. It's definitely a place to visit if you're ever in the Catlins region. 

I want my Whale Mail! 
The ceiling of the shop. Quirky or what?!
{Some of Blair's collected things}

{Some of Blair's hand-made gizmo's}

LOL at the captions. 

This is a shop i definitely look forward to visiting next time I'm in The Catlins. And hopefully, next time, i walk our with more than a few pictures to remind me of The Lost Gypsy

Read a previous post I'd written about another part of The Catlins before, here.

Hope you all are having a great Friday! Xoxo


Shahirah Elaiza said...

Funny captions alright! And what a quirky shop...

I wanna see photos of trees too =P

-Amina said...

Hehe. I'll put them in a seperate post just for you ;)

Btw, i don't know why, but i've got a ton of pics of trees this summer. And i thought i wasn't very outdoors-y :p


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