Friday, February 4, 2011

The year of the Rabbit

As you all know, we've just entered the Chinese Year of the Rabbit. If, like me, you were born in 1987, then this is our year!

The celebrations in our city coincided with a dinner/outing we had planned to farewell a couple of friends who are returning to Australia today. Each summer, this is the time we dread the most. We don't get to see each other lots during the year, and 2 months in the summer period isn't enough to catch up and exhaust all topics of conversation.

As per usual, we took heaps of pictures, and when i looked through them after i'd gotten home, i discovered more than half were of our dinner. LOL. We sure do love our food! We went to our favorite Japanese joint, The Jitsu.

And now, some pictures from the night:

Inside the Lan Yuan Garden (Dunedin Chinese Garden) 

There were red lanterns everywhere! 

How cute is this?! 

[photosource: Craig Baxter for the ODT]


Shahirah Elaiza said...

OMG I dreamt about you last night! We were at a beach with your family... lol. It was sunny! That's definitely not Dunedin hahah

-Amina said...

Lol! That definitely does not sound like Dunedin, oh how i wish it was though :p


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