Saturday, May 14, 2011

Getaway (Part 3: Toronto)

So this is the final entry of my getaway. I feel a little sad writing about Toronto in particular because a) we only spent 4 days there, and b) I got to meet 4 wonderful young ladies one of whom is blogger Fae from BreatheHijab and I wish I could have seen them more than once during my visit. This calls for another trip there!

Toronto, at first did not impress me. The first day there, the weather resembled the gloomy weather we were going to come home to, and though a trip up the CN Tower was enjoyable it would have been a tad bit better had we seen a better view of the city. Oh well, another year, another visit.

Onto the pictures, below is a collage of my favourite snaps from each day spent there. And I reckon this ought to go on record, Air Canada was by far the best, and smoothest flight i have ever been on! I would totally take it again!

Toronto is definitely a city i'd like to visit again! Hopefully during the summer as it seems to have a lot going on then.

Till then, thanks for a wonderful day girls, and insha'Allah you found my company as enjoyable as I yours.



ratna said...

salam sister! hi! i see such wonderful moments captured here. hope i'll get to have my holidays there too! :)

-Amina said...

From what i've seen, Canada's a beautiful to spend some time in! I'm sure you'll enjoy your time there when you visit it! :)

MissM said...

I live in Canada and I totally agree Toronto doesn't give you it's best face until June or july. Weirdly enough though i've always hated Air Canada.


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