Saturday, June 18, 2011

Never Too Many

This year is proving to be a good one for me, alhamdulillah. I completed my undergraduate degree in February, travelled to the US and Canada in April/May and now, I'm getting ready for an even more special getaway with my girlfriends. Oh and in between all of that, I've spent an AWESOME time with the girls, who btw, are all graduating varsity this year also, inshaAllah. Yup, 2011 is a kick-ass year so far!

Below are some of  the accessorize that I'm packing for the trip. Tbh, I totally suck at packing clothes, let alone accessorize so taking as little of my collection is going to be a challenge. I'll let you know how that goes in future, trip-related posts. 

If you're one of the many people still sitting exams, wish you all the best in them. May Allah give you the results you're hoping for.  But if you're one of the lucky ones who've started your summer vacation, PARTY ON!

Hope you all have a great summer wherever you are. Make the most of it, take lots of pictures and most importantly, RELAX!



LaiLa said...

I love your yewellery! :D the rings are so awesom! :D an inshaAllah I'll relax and inshaAllah you'll have a great trip! :D

noreenn11 said...

love your jewellery and your photos a
re fab, check mines out i think you might like them xxxxx

Noor-ul-ain Hanif said...

Visitng your blog first time and u've earn a new follower :) Nice pictures love ur blog :)


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