Thursday, February 9, 2012


I was tagged by the fabulous UmmSultana from Lifestyle of a Furiously Fab Muslim. 

The question is What kind of shopper are you?

Here is the scenario: 

You walk into the store and you see a scarf or dress in multiple colors. Which color do you choose and why? You can choose based on 3 motivations: 
  1. I choose because I love the color!
  2. I choose because this particular color looks good on me!
  3. I choose because this color is in season now and is really trendy!
 My answer:

My reasons for buying things vary. Some days, I buy things I've been wanting for a long time and other  days I buy things for the sake of buying them. But the main reasons I buy things is because they look good on me, the color, cut, style it all factors in when I'm clothes shopping. Once upon a time, I lived in black clothes, black scarfs, black dresses, black everything, but slowly I've been moving towards colors. Nowadays, pinks, greens, blues and yellows reign supreme on my clothes rack.

I'm not one to follow trends, if something is new and I like it, I'll buy it. If it's 2 years old and I like it, I will still buy it. A few clothes I own I actually bought a few years ago, and only wore once or twice since. My dress sense lately can be summarized into one word; Comfort. I don't like wearing all my bangles at once anymore, necklaces make rare appearances and I've forgotten what most of my rings look like. For now, I like the change. Who knows, maybe I'll go back to being over-accessorized and I'll probably like it too. 

Edit: I forgot to tag people. 

I tag Shahirah, Aisha, SaLuff and anyone else who wants to participate!


Sabirah M said...

I used to love black and like you always opted for black. I am trying to move towards colors, as well. I have been going a little shopping crazy though. Need to tone it down.

-Amina said...

Lol, I'm past my crazy shopping phase (thankfully) so now it's just about "Shopping my closet" which is proving to be quite entertaining :)


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