Saturday, May 12, 2012



A few girls rocking Hidho iyo dhaqan, a traditional Somali dress. If you know a Somali then you're probably familiar with the dirac/dira'. This is its predecessor, worn by Somali women before the dirac came into fashion. 

It's normal to see Somali brides wearing this type of outfit at one of the many parties thrown at the time of a marriage celebration. 

Taken at a Somali fundraising event I attended during my stay in Wellington late last year. 


Chahrazad said...

Awesome! I just love traditional dresses. <3


trendy melbourne said...

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!
I was going to do one on the Eritrean tradtional dress after receiving one as a gift last month.

-Amina said...

TM, do it! I've seen the Eritriean national dress and I'm sure loads of people would like to see one! :)

trendy melbourne said...

Okay I'll give it a go inshallah.
You should do another Dira one. PlZZZZzz

-Amina said...

hehe, will do inshaAllah! I'm going to a wedding in Sept, will rob ably write about the 2 that i'll wear then :)


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