Friday, November 16, 2012

Floral & Neutrals

Hi lovelies! It's been a while since i've updated this little old blog of mine, but here I am! Thought I'd share with you all today's outfit.

Today was a special day, and thus called for a special outfit. Mind you, nothing I'm wearing is "special", it's just that most of the today's pieces are either favorites of mine, or i've bought over 6 months ago and haven't worn yet :p

Moving on. I am so madly, deeply and completely in love with the bomber jacket I wore! I got it at one of my favorite shops a while ago in the sales, and have been saving it for the summer. It's cotton, so absolutely perfect for the upcoming summer! Luckily, today's weather could have been described as summer. It was hot and sunny during the day, but come 4 o'clock, the clouds gathered and we could tell rain was on its way. Oh well, we can't really expect much at this time of year, a few hours of sun is more than enough for us Dunedinites.




Bomber jacket: Dotti (old)
Black top: unbranded
Skirt: Supre (old, bought in Australia)
Shoes: Wildpair (more than 3 years old though)
Cuff: Lovisa
Bag: Aldo (old)



Trendy Melbourne said...

Yeahhh you put a post up. Someone was dorman for too long.
Hope your well habibti <3
I love your outfit and can't wait for more blog posts. said...

welcome back! love the whole look xxoo

-Amina said...

Hehe thanks for the support Sam! All's well on my end, just being too lazy :p

Thanks Eb :)

Sixth Avenue' said...

Love it, super cute
Check out my blog

The LILPINK said...

love your bag sis. and the top is really cute. <3

i followed your blog. can you follow me back?? see you in my blog. :) thanks.

LaiLa said...

Beautiful! I like the contrast between the plain skirt and the printed cardigan!


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