Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Got a lift right when i needed it! Thanks!

I was just thinking of how crappy my day is when my friend came and gave me a book she borrowed. I opened it just to distract myself from reading the history extract i'm meant be reading when i read this:

"Try when you pray Fajr, to sit ina humble manner and face the qiblah for ten or fifteen minutes, remembering Allah a great deal and calling upon Him. Ask Allah for a good day, a blessed day, a happy day, a day of success and achievement with no calamities, crises or problems, a day with bounitful provision, goodness and care. A day with no distress or worry- because from Allah one may ask for happiness, provisions and all that is good. If you sit like this and pray, this will- by Allah's leave- be guaranteed to prepare you for a good, blessed and useful day." From: You can be the happiest woman in the world by Dr. Aid al-Qarni.

This has truley lifted my spirits, and inshaAllah i will try to do this every morning. A good start to the day (by praying Fajr on time) always means a happy day for me.

This really is a great book to have. It is filled with wonderful advice for all aspects of a woman's life.


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