Tuesday, August 4, 2009

If i dont't find that stupid paper, imma puch someone in the face!!!

What my desk should like: But what it looks like on most days:

(this is not my actual desk, just an example ya'll. )


So i am in the msa at uni, and hold a very important post. I'm supposed to be the responsible, organized and motivated one. Sadly, i am only motivated. I seriously can't be bothered organizing things alphabetically, and color coding them, then cross referencing them, i'm not that kind of person. Give me a piece of paper to file, and i'll just stuff it into my bag, and probably throw it out next time i clean my bag out. I know it's terrible. But i just never learn.

Why am i saying this, well i had something i was supposed to pass on to someone else, but i seem to have misplaced it. I'm pretty sure i put it in my bag, but i just can't find it right now. I am going to be in so much trouble if i don't find it. I think it's on my desk somewhere though. Will look for it tonight inshaAllah. I hope o find it!!

On a brighter note, it's not so cold outside, so i don't have to carry my coat around with me. Yay!

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Somalicentric said...

LOL i seriously thought that was your desk (on the right) for a sec... hehe i was getting ready to post, "gurrl damn you are a hoarder" :-)

Excuse me!


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