Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Not completely recovered yet

The weekend events were tiresome, but it was all very much worth it. The culture night was Ah-ma-zing. The music, acts, and the atmosphere of the entire place was just magnificent. Any yes, in true African fashion we started half an hour late; i told you we will.

The wearable arts exhibition was also magnificent. My friend Chloe made an incredible dress, and called it " Mrs Tin-man has an eye for fashion, but only for couture" and she truley did. I, as was everyone i was there with, was blown away as soon as her model ( and sister) walked out onto the catwalk. MashaAllah she put in so much work and effort, and it has certainly paid off, she won first place. MashaAllah she is very talented and wouldn't be surprised when she makes an international name for herself.

It's Tuesday morning, and i have a long day ahead of me. The campaign analysis report is not going to write itself ( but how i wish it would). Have a good day ya'll.

p.s. pics of the events will be up soon. Mrs Tin-man deserves her own little post.


1 comment:

Chloe Inga :) said...

yay i found your blog! and i get a special mention too, which is also awesome :) all the best for your exam tonight! xo


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