Sunday, October 18, 2009

You can say i'm high... on life! Such a cliche aye.

I've only recently gotten a bed-heater and oh-my-lord i love it! No longer do i have to go into an ice-cold bed, no longer do i spend sleep-less nights because my bed just wasn't warm enough. But then i forget to turn it on an hour or two before hitting the sack, and so i sit in our living room at 2a.m. killing time while it does it's job in there. Sigh.

Anyway, this week i start my final exams. Third year has gone by so fast, alhamdulillah. It feels as though it was just yesterday i was sitting with my friends at our university caf catching up, and telling each other holiday stories. It feels like just yesterday i boarded the plane back from Brisbane from my winter break.

It's already the last week of October, which means my birthday is coming up!! I know some people don't agree with celebrating birthdays, but i LOVE receiving gifts. A few years ago i got an ah-mazing watch from my eldest sister, and last year my brother gave me his card and told me i could go shopping. I love my siblings. Funny thing, i know Z has gotten me gifts, but i don't remember what. Either way, they are simply the best, an no i'm not just saying that because they buy me things, i have a special bond with each one of them, especially my brother. Though he is younger me, we just get along so well, and we have finally mastered the art of finishing off each other's sentences. He is such a cutie =)

What else? Oh yah finals. I'm sitting 4. Thankfully they are well spaced this term, but again i have 2 exams on the same day. But alhamdulillah the marketing exam is open-book coz it's a campaign that we have to create for the city council. It's a horrible topic, but compared to all my papers, this one is the easiest. I <3 Marketing, and History. Econ should die!! 'nuf said.

Anyhoo, i better get going, i'm just typing stuff, and you probably stopped reading after the second sentence. Wouldn't blame you, this has been just another random post. Oh well.

Ooh, before i go, i'm applying for a job (at a shoe store of all places, i'll fill you on my addiction later) so make dua' for me. I really need the extra cash (and the discount =p)




Chloe Inga Designs said...

if this was facebook, i would like this. electric blankets are super.

-Amina said...

^hehe, yes they are!


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