Monday, December 21, 2009

Daydreams, ice-cream and sunny days

I like the smell of fresh cut grass. It's takes me back to my childhood days.
I like walking through the frozen foods section at the supermarket.
I like the ray of light that sneaks through my curtains during sunrise.
I like the feeling i get when i buy a new pair of shoes.
I like finding a quiet spot anywhere i am and reading, i know, i'm such a nerd.
I like going to the beach, sitting up at the esplanade is enough to lift my spirits.
I like going out to town with my mum, we are alike in many ways, and could never say no when she suggests we go out for coffee, or to shop.
I like traveling. Seeing new places and meeting people from different nationalities, and being exposed to new cultures brings me much joy. I wish i could travel overseas every summer.
I Love sushi, it's the one food i am capable of eating everyday without getting sick. 

I hate being interrupted during a movie.
I hate dogs, i just have this huge phobia of them.
I hate being woken up from sleep by a phone call, but my best friend Mona never learns. She does it every year on my birthday, she calls it " her special present to me".
I hate people who don't understand that no means no. If i said no the first time, i'm not going to change my mind five minutes later. Gosh!
I hate liars. Once you break my trust, i could never believe you again.


Shahirah Elaiza said...

I think I interrupted you during a movie a few times! =P

-Amina said...

Hehe, it's ok. If i haven't shushed you then that means i wasn't paying full attention to the movie anyway =p


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