Monday, December 28, 2009

The best thing about holidays is that i don't have to keep up with dates or days, unless it's Wednesday, or Friday, or Saturday. You know what, i need to keep up with days, but no dates!

I was just about to write a funny-ish post about days and dates, then i went and checked my student email and it left my mind. I had no idea today was the 27th.  I took one look at the date on an email reply, and poof, the post went away. Lol. Summer holiday is starting to take it's toll on me, i really need to start reading a book before my brain turns to mush. 

To explain why i wait for the three days fore-mentioned:

- Wednesday:  the Big Bang Theory comes on T.V. 
- Friday: It's late night in town, and though i seldom go out now, it's still nice to know that if i want to go to town at 7pm on a Friday i can do it. Also, Glee is on. Yes, i like that show. The songs are incredible I've got to get my hands on the soundtrack. 
- Saturday:  It's the weekend, and everything on television is good.

 Tomorrows post will be about stuff i like, which translates to shopping. 

Ciao bellas =)


Mi-chan said...

lol i do that too when holidays come around and my tv becomes my calendar.

(my family has tried to help me kick that habit.
they say its because i go missing for days at a time and they eventually find me zombie-fied in front of a flickering screen.


-Amina said...

Lol, that's all i've been doing since mid-november. I've even got my sisters into it too =p


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