Monday, December 28, 2009

One of my favorite news channels is Al Jazeerah. I've never felt any sort of manipulation of news clips on their part, and what proved it to me was when they continued broadcasting when during the first days of the Iraq invasion a reporter was shot while delivering his segment. It was tragic, and i remember i cried alot. For him, for his family, the wife he left behind and his young daughter. To see someone being shot on live television was absolutely horrific for me. But it wasn't the first time, the killing of Mohammed Al Durra ( Allah yirhamo)  of Palestine while being protected by his father during the second initifada (uprising) was also shown on Al Jazeerah. I remember i cried then too. He was about my age then. It was the first time i had thought about the Palestine situation.
Why i bring this up, the channel has a program called The Arab Street. Each week, they bring the views and opinions of arabs on different topics from a chosen city. I quite like it because the show brings real people like you and me, people who seek to make a real change in the world. The latest episode was from Qatar.

I thought some of the questions could have been asked in a better manner, one which would have produced better answers, but we gotta do with what we've got. 


Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

i found a somali i found a somali i found a somali again :P lol
what a lovely blog mashallah i like it, i love that programme too
i think beirut is beautiful mashallah hoping to visit
take care sis

-Amina said...

Hehe! Glad your excited about finding a Somali blogger =D

Beirut is gorgeous! I want to pay it a visit in the near future too.

Breathe Hijab said...

love this show!


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