Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A scarf for every occasion

What i love about traveling to larger cities are the bargains you find. My sisters, brother and i went to Christchurch for the weekend, and at the end of our fabulous trip did a little shopping, and i'm glad we did cause i got myself three new hijabs. Even though i probably have more hijabs than i need, i'm sure i wear all my hijabs at least once if not more.

So without further delay, modeled by my sisters cute teddy:

This one i saw and thought would go so well with a dress i got on sale and have been saving to wear in Feb-April.


My friends' sister spotted  this beauty after i'd paid for the other two. It's a color i don't already have and thought would be a good addition to my collection.

 I was first attracted to this scarf because of it's color. The scattered hints of tangerine add an extra charm to the scarf, and i think it would go with a lot of my clothes. 

I want to go back to that store and buy more hijabs. Yes, more! I distinctly made it clear in my introductory post that i am a shopaholic. My weakness, pretty little things.



Maryam said...


Don't you just love finding hijabs? especially if they are on sale, that makes it 10 times better!

Neelam said...

I just ADORE the way you modelled the hijabs on the teddy, that is sooo cute seriously! x

-Amina said...

Maryam, it does make it 10 times better! And the fact that i got all three for the price i would have paid for one in the city i live in is just amazing.

Thanks Neelam, i borrowed the idea from my friend Fae over at Breathehijab :)


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