Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Midnight Musings, and cravings for Sushi

First and foremost i apologize for the lack of posts lately, i just don't have much to blog about. I spend most of my days at home complaining about how boring this holiday's been, i swear i'm not always like that, and i swear my holidays have never been this boring, i just don't know what's happening. It has also been raining this whole past week, i say that's what's dampened my mood.

These past few days i've been craving Sushi (among other foods) and today i got my fix! Yay! There's this one place in town that sells the most amazing spicy salmon sushi, and everyday i say i'm gonna go tomorrow with my sisters, but by the time i wake up and settle into my normal self, it's already late to go out for lunch and the good tv shows start. I'm a total sucker for television. I've had this addiction for as long as i can remember, my mum teases me about it constantly. Apparently when i was about 2 or 3 years old i used to stand right in front of the tele waiting for a Janet Jackson song to come on, and when it did i'd sing and copy her dance moves. What can i say, i love music, i just don't have the right voice for it, which is something you don't need when singing karaoke, hehe.

My sisters and brother and i are driving about 4-5 hours on Friday to a city named Christchurch. Our older sister lives there and we've also got loads of family and friends living there, and most of them we haven't seen since November. I miss them all. Everytime i go there i have a blast, but this will be the first time i go there and stay more than a day or 2. If i had the money i'd take the plane there once a month or so, 40 minutes in the air is much better than 6 hours on the bus but my student allowance does not stretch past Sunday. Passing through town on the way to uni on pay day and Friday is the culprit, and so is my weakness for sales. Sigh. I'm a marketing student, i should know better. Oh well.

I have plans for tomorrow,  hope i stick to them.

Good Night ladies


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Roba said...

Oh, wow, you just made me crave sushi too!


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