Friday, January 29, 2010

It all came to me in a dream.

I am not kidding. The title is legit. I don't know if it was something i'd already seen, or something i'd come up with in my sleep, but my decision was partly taken due to a dream.

Allow me to ellaborate.

Years ago, i dreamt of a product. At first i could not recognize it, but it soon morphed into a sports shoe. Nike to be exact. It was a work of art, the angles, composition and motif of the entire clip was brilliant. The next day i woke up knowing in my heart that the career i wanted and was destined to pursue had something to do with making advertisements.

Now, here i am; a Marketing major with hopes of going into product and brand development and management/ advertising/ marketing consulting (maybe also throw in something to do with design). I'm still a long way from realizing my dream, but i believe i've so far taken the necessary steps to reaching that dream.

My sister was flipping through a magazine a few days ago and said 'Someday, i'll turn to my kids and say your aunty Amina did this (pointing to an ad)'. I love how my siblings and mom already think of me as a big-shot advertising manager when i haven't graduated university yet. They have so much faith in me, i wish i had that same faith in myself sometimes.

As a marketing student, watching ads is something i do to pass the time (explained as research when asked).  Here's one i found with a great message in tow:

Title:  "Magician"
Agency: JWT Delhi
City: Delhi
Advertiser: National Geographic Society
Brand Name: National Geographic
Business Sector: TV/Radio Programs & Stations
Market: India
Country of Production: India
Language: English
Type: Television
Length: 60 seconds
Tagline: live curious


Sumayyah said...

that IS a real good ad!

-Amina said...

It is a good ad aye! very catchy

Shahirah Elaiza said...

Dreams do come true =)


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