Friday, January 29, 2010

On my winter wish list

This past year i've tried and failed many times to move away from black and grey. Most of my wardrobe (unfortunately) consists of mainly these two colors. I just feel like they suit me best, and i often find myself feeling very self-conscious about the way i look when i wear any other color.
So i have decided, this year i will inshaAllah move away from my comfort zone (in more ways than one) and add some color to my wardrobe.
To start things off, i want this plaid pea coat from Forever21 for winter.

I need something light and casual for uni, and also something that'll withstand Wellington's crazy windy weather. It doesn't hurt that this coat's on sale too!

I am also looking for a black parka, i've got my eye on one here (@ Kathmandu) but till it goes on sale, it will have to remain on my wishlist. If you know where i can find a good one online do let me know.

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