Thursday, November 18, 2010

You've Go Mail!

I was woken up this morning by my mother telling me i received a package from India. I had known for a while that my friend S, whom i'd met on Maniac Muslim, a forum that i frequent; had sent me a package, but i was excited to see what the contents were going to be.

I had a goofy smile as i was looking through the items she'd sent and all i could think of was 'I love that girl!'. My mum (who used to hate the amount of hours i spent on the website :p) couldn't believe i'd made such a good friend on an online forum and that she'd send me something so pretty and thoughtful.

Shahi, if you read this, THANK YOU so much! I love every piece, especially the scarves.

Here's what i got:

2 Silk scraves, 2 hijab pins (I'm telling you that girl can read minds because i was in desperate need of some), a pretty underscarf, an anklet and a sweet card.

Now, what do i get her?


Shahirah Elaiza said...

Something that reflects NZ... like paua jewellery?

-Amina said...

I didn't think of that, thanks Sha!I'm gonna startlooking around town over the weekend isA.

Anonymous said...

Get her something related to job-hunting! So, professionally-styled clothes from New Zealand? She'll be all over it.


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