Saturday, January 1, 2011

Out With The Old, In With The New: Hello 2011!

May Allah (SWT) make this new year a happy, blessed year for you all. Ameen. 

A massive Thank you to all my followers, family, friends and blog hoppers for the love, support and kind words. I hope you've enjoyed 2010 on bagoftreats and inshaAllah (if Allah Wills) i will continue to publish posts which you will enjoy. 
Lots of Love,
New Year's Eve Look: Pretty girly!

Dress: Glassons {Borrowed from Sister}
Cardigan: Just Jeans
Jeans: Jeans West
Scarf: Equip
Shoes: Mi Piaci {Thrifted}
Ring: Lovisa
Bracelet: Valley Girl {Borrowed from Sister}


Ashi said...

happy new year amina!!! looking gorgeous in the pics, the ring is fabulous!

Shahirah Elaiza said...

I can't believe it... a black scarf Amina?!! LOL

Aww I miss the octagon! Cute outfit btw

-Amina said...

Ashi, thanks deary! All the best in the new year isA :)

I haven't worn a black scarf in a very long time, Sha :p this is like my homage to my old self, looking forward to more color in my life isA!

Shahirah Elaiza said...

Whatever. Why not start with that BRIGHT yellow one I got you? I'm sure it'll look great on you! Why won't you just believe me? tsk tsk

-Amina said...

Hahaha. You have no idea how afraid i am of the yellow scarf. I look at it, and i think of all the looks i can make with it but when it comes to wearing it out, im extremely reluctant :p

I'll be brave one day, isA!


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