Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Spring in my Step

The weather lately has been less than perfect. Our Autumn season has begun and has brought with it cold and rain. This morning, as i was getting dressed to head to town with my mum, i decided to dress for summer. I know that sounds a little bizarre, but since Dunedin hasn't hadn't the best of summers, it shouldn't be surprising that we (or rather, I) mourn that loss.

I chose my favorite summer top which i wore once thanks to the aforementioned situation. The cardigan i bought about 2 years ago, but also haven't worn much. I'm not very fond of the color white so this little beauty managed to stay as good as new since.

Blue is one of my favorite colors, but i don't have many pieces in that color in my wardrobe. The heart ring i bought from an Asian store in Abu-Dhabi in the UAE during my last trip there and the necklace is an Equip bargain buy from just under two years ago. I am loving rediscovering new pieces of clothing and jewelry in my wardrobe.


Shahirah Elaiza said...

Yay! No black hijab lol. You look pretty mashaAllah! How many times do I have to say colours suit you very well?

Ashi said...

oo pretty florals, you look lavvly [in my ace british accent :p]

-Amina said...

Sha, insha'Allah this is the beginning of a long period w/o black hijabs :D

Thanks Ashi! :)


Love your ring, so cute! ;)

xoxo Fatima

-Amina said...

Thanks Fatima :) You've got me addicted to your blog now :p


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