Friday, March 11, 2011

Morning Glory

World, i have a confession, i am not a morning person. I think i've mentioned it once or twice on the blog, but i feel like i have to mention it again for the new followers (Hi!). However, this summer, i've been waking up at about 6 am 3 or 4 times a week to go on my morning walk. And to make matters worse, i've been waking up and going about my business each day on less than 6 hours of sleep(!). It was torture during Summer School because the two courses i did required a lot of attention and the work was tedious for each, but alhamdulillah, I managed to get that over and done with; as Borat would say, "great success".

So when some friends and I spent last night at Mya'sI was alright with the idea of waking early to go to a bakery at 7 am, i was just unsure of how my day would pan out. Usually, I crash on the couch after my walk, watch some Arabic t.v then spend time on the internet before making a royal mess in the kitchen. That is what I call a productive day (don't judge! I'm on a break). But today, after our walk to and from the bakery, i felt rather refreshed which for me isn't how i describe my mornings, especially when it's raining; or in this case drizzling. It was nice being out and about with my friends. Actually, it was a rather beautiful morning after a fun filled evening with my best friends. So the walk was the icing on the cake! My day turned out pretty relaxed, i spent more time at Mya's before coming back home and parking my behind on our couch for some more t.v time. I am loving this break. Honestly, since enrolling at varsity, i haven't had this much down-time, and it's something that requires a little getting used to.

Oh and the bakery, everything, and i mean everything looked ah-mazing! And to think i've been up every Friday at 6 am and haven't ventured down to this fantastic shop. That's it, next Friday, i'm going for more goodies.

Presenting, a.k.a the Friday Shop

We stopped on the way for some photos (=p), this is the view from the Stuart Street over bridge. On a sunny day, you'd be able to see the city more clearly, but there's something about this picture that i really like.

If you follow Shahirah Elaiza's blog, you've probably read this post on The Friday Shop.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Xoxo


Mariam said...

Hi back! (I'm a new follower :D)

I'm not a morning person as well, and since I'm not studying these days(or doing anything for that matter) the first few hours of my morning are spent snoozing in my ever so comfy bed..
BUT, on the rare occasions that I do wake up, oh what a lovely day it would be! The sound of chirping birds and the dew drops alone are sure to make you feel grateful and happy to be alive.

I remember once when we were little, my uncle was visiting on the weekend, he woke us up at 5am for a drive before the sun came up. We went to this gorgeous bakery and had the BEST chocolate muffins EVER! With a glass of cold milk. (I would prefer coffee now, but milk was amazing then :D)

So yea, enjoy your trip to the Friday Shop next friday!

-Amina said...

Yeah, snoozing is one of my favourite things to do :p Despite knowing i won't wake up at the time i set my alarm, i still set it for ridiculously early hours just so i can hit the snooze button. But lately, i've been hitting the Stop button, but they both have the same effect... more sleep!

Thanks Mariam! :) And thanks for the follow!


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