Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Look Forward To

* Making everyday a lazy Sunday.
* Reading all my favourite books, and some new ones too.
* Baking. I want to become a pro at making cupcakes. And yes, i shall blog about my attempts!
* (Re/)Watching old & new films.
* Taking more photos. I cannot wait for my new Canon to come (all thanks to my cousin, it's my graduation gift)

(Reading photo: my own, all other photos via weheartit)


Chloe said...

ooo look at you - blogging more already! Those cupcakes in the photo look ah-mazing. Make some of those!!

-Amina said...

I shall! And i found my baking heaven the other day :D

Ashi said...

loveth cupcakes, cant wait to see your creations =D

-Amina said...

Ashi, most of them seem to disappear before i take pictures of them :p But i'm making stuff! Hooray!


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