Thursday, March 3, 2011

The World Is My Oyster

First, i apologize for being absent from blogging lately. I had few problems with my laptop then home computer then summer school finals rolled in... gah! Alhamdulillah, that's all over, except for my laptop issue, that's still present (the life of a student is Hard!). To make a long story short, I'm back! And insha'Allah i'll be blogging as per usual from now on. Maybe a little more, actually.  

Alhamdulillah, summer school went better than I'd expected, and this blogger's gonna be graduating in May! I am beyond happy. For the past week, i've been checking our results portal three times a day; on my phone when i woke up, after lunchtime and at night before bed, and every day I remained anxious. I thought I didn't do well in one paper and was quite worried about that because it would have set me back a whole year! But by Allah's grace, i've passed everything and i'll be walking down the main street in Wellington, and across the Town Hall stage on the 19th of May. I cannot wait!

You know, i've never understood the phrase that now sits as my post title. I first heard it from my 5th grade Maths teacher, Mr. Dattoo. He was a strange man, and when he walked into our class off 11 years olds, and proceeded to explain to us the complexities of the big bad world, and how one day we'd be part of said big bad world, he ended things with "Class, the world is your oyster". Off course, being the naive 11 year olds that we were, the phrase flew right over our heads, and no sooner were we all engrossed in out notebooks trying to solve mathematical problems. Ah, primary school.
Fast forward a few years, another teacher busted this phrase out, and also proceeded to explain how one day we'll be part of the big bad world. Off course, i didn't get it then and frankly, if someone had said this to me last year, i would have ignored them.

But today, i sit here, so close to the ceremony i've been thinking of for the past 4 years and i finally get it. I may be a Marketing student (and soon to be VUW graduate) but i can mould and shape my life into whatever i want. I could finally focus on my writing, i could delve deeper into baking or i could work in the marketing field. My life is mine to shape.

If Mr. Dattoo had explained things so simply, perhaps i would have tried out more things in order to 'pick-and-choose' the path of my life, regardless, i am happy with the choices i have now. Who knows, i might be doing something completely different next year. After all, the world is MY oyster.


Chloe said...

Yay I'm so happy for you!!! That's so exciting, congratulations!

-Amina said...

Thanks Chloe! I'm beyond happy :) And i get to come back to Wellington for it. Yay!

Ashi said...

it most definitely is ;)


-Amina said...

Thanks Ashi! I'm still getting used to not having anything to do :p I certainly do not miss writing assignments and reports haha


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