Tuesday, May 31, 2011

HFW: Day 2-Formal Attire

Formal wear usually means overdressing for me. Living in a small town, there aren't many occasions where i can wear out my many Somali dresses (dira'), which is usually elaborately embellished, and comes in an array of colors. 

For those who do not know, the Somali dress is a 3 piece dress. The main dress is usually made of silk and is accompanied by a petticoat of a matching color and a dupatta like material to wear as a head scarf. 

For a more toned down formal look, i'll usually pair a dira' with a blazer or cardigan. 

{Upclose detail}

{Yours Truly}

Head over to loveHFW to see what the other fabulous bloggers are wearing today!


Anonymous said...

I don't know why, but your outfit really reminds me of Shalwar Kameez (Indian, paki) dress wear!

lovin the color :)

Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

SO pretty---loving the metallic and the colour palette!
p.s. I have the same bracelet--Forever 21, am I right? :D

And agreed with the comment above; your dira indeed looks like a Pakistani/Indian ensemble!

Shums said...

Beautiful outfit yet again~! Simply loving the colours masha Allah~!

Sluff said...

That purple is to die for! mA

SKL said...

awwww, U look so pretty <3

Anonymous said...

OOOOOHH!!! i love somali dresses. YOu ladies wear it so well! Its amazing how much congruence all our cultures have in terms of design and culture. Beautiful sister!

sigmazetaz said...

fashion is so universal and it bring us all muslimah together! ;)

Hannah Muminah said...

you look so cute >.< sister
thanks for sharing me about somali dresses so beautiful
I love what you wear

you are so beautiful my sister

Shahirah Elaiza said...

Amoon, I know I've seen all your HFW pics but I love this dirac on you. Colours suit you so well and you definitely look tres belle in the above close up shot mashaAllah.

-Amina said...

Rabia Ashraf: Now that you’ve mentioned it, I see the resemblance too! I love Shalwar Kameez, but haven’t had the luck of owning one yet .Soon, inshaAllah :)
Thanks for the sweet words!

Urooba: Thank you! We don’t have a forever 21 here in NZ, this ring’s from a local shop called Diva, but i think they have very similar things to F21.

Shums: Thanks dear! This Is definitely my favorite look from all of mine this HFW.

Sluff: Purple is my favorite color! I don’t wear it often though :p

SKL: Thanks yaar! <3

Is-za: Thank you for the sweet comment. I love Somali dress too. Sometimes I just wish it was casual enough to wear out like a Maxi type of thing. But oh well, just means we’re usually overdressed at the formal events. LOL

sigmazetaz: Ver true. It is second to Hijab in bringing us all together I reckon :)

Hannah: Thank you so much! I’m glad you like our traditional attire :)

Shahirah: Merci beaucoup Bella! <3

YazmiinAktar said...

ohh i love the traditional dress you are wearing! such beautiful colors!


Anonymous said...

MashaAllah, you're just so beautiful, sis!


Karima said...

Hi from your newest follower, now google following you, Karima from

Lovely Photos!

Texan after UAE said...

You're gorgeous!!!!! mashallah!!!! Allah protect you.... :)


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