Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Celebrate Good Times, C'mon!

While sitting, and trying to distract myself on the world wide web from my utterly boring day, it dawned on me, this past May marked the (unofficial) 2nd birthday of Bag Of Treats!

I had over the last few months thought of ways to celebrate. 
And when the day came, it completely slipped my mind. How ironic!
Anyway, I will not let this occassion go by without some sort of celebration.
And what better way to celebrate than with YOU, my readers!
You know what this means!? Bag Of Treat's FIRST giveaway! 

So, my lovely readers, SAVE THIS DATE: 6TH JUNE!

Next Monday, I will announce how you can enter, and what the prize(s) will be!

Till then, let's just imagine I've set free a bunch of balloons similar to these.


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