Monday, May 30, 2011

HFW: Day 1-Work Wear

As i prepare for the next stage of my life after Varsity, I imagine my future workplace to be laid-back, casual and a whole lot of fun, and that is what I  wanted to portray in my outfit. 

 Everything i'm wearing in the pictures, I absolutely adore. The shoes and scarf I found during my recent trip to the United States. The rest is from New Zealand, and bought on sale. I love bargain hunting, i mean, why pay $90 for a blazer when I know I can get it for $40 or less in a month or two?!

Blazer: Dotti
Tops: Glassons
Pants: Susan
Scarf: Van Hausen
Shoes: Aldo
Bangles: Diva

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Hannah Muminah said...

you are really cute sis
you look so sweet in pink pastel blazer
I love the color combo

ain j said...

Salam sista.
That pink blazer looks way too good on you. And the pink shawls is nice !

Awesome !

Anonymous said...

ooooh love the colors. Im so boring and conservative when it comes to workwear. Well you brightened my day :)

syafa salihin said...

Salam :)
I love your wearing!

Saj said...

Gotta say urs is one of my favs <3

Shums said...

Love your hijab~! <3 great blog! you've found a new fan :)

SKL said...

<3 This is THE BEST style post!

haliqdiaz said...

i LOVE the blazer n shawl..niceeeee..simple n sweet..i've follow u blog sis..;)

-Amina said...

Thank you all SO MUCH for the sweet comments! You all made my day :D <3

Is-za: Any other time, i would've gone for a black outfit, but i've been trying to get out wearing so much black and this was definitely a challenge for me. Glad you liked it! :)

LaiLa said...

I like the nude colours of your outfit! :D and the blazer is so so beautiful! :D


Anonymous said...

Oooh lurving the pink blazer and the shawl!

Anonymous said...

Love the touch of pink!!
Looks great on you. :)

YazmiinAktar said...

Sister you look lovely! the pink blazer and the scarf together are beautiful! <3


-Amina said...

Laila: Nude looks are my faves! But unfortunately i don't have enough pieces in my wardrobe to wear it too often. This means i gotta buy more, which i am more than happy to do :p
Thank you for the sweet comment :)

myvintagehijab, Rabia & YazmiinAktar: Thank you! The shawl and blazer are my new favorite buys :D

Em said...

totally loving the color combo and the softness of it all. it has a slight sense of romance!

JyJa Medwahi said...

looove the outfit! you blaazer is to die for~ T.T

JyJa Medwahi said...

looove the outfit! you blaazer is to die for~ T.T


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