Sunday, July 24, 2011

Middle Eastern Parents

I've always loved those "You know you're_____ when.." lists because most of the time, most things apply to me except for one or two crazy facts. So it's no wonder I love the "You know you're Arab when.." list because let's face it, us Arabs are a crazy bunch of people. That's crazy in a good way! No need to get angry!

So when I saw this linked on a friend's wall on facebook (ahh, good ol' Facebook) I had to click, just because of the title. I mean, c'mon, if you're Middle Eastern, you have more than enough experience dealing with parents. There's none of that "Come here darling" sort of treatment, our parents are firm but hilarious in their own ways, and this vid shows the non M.Es just that.

A simple Google search will bring up the list, but before I sign off this is a much needed addition to the list, by a friend:
63. Your father calls you calmly to come downstairs. You're scared. Did he see the text message one of your friends left? Damn it, did you leave your facebook open? You go downstairs. You make a quick duaa. You say ''Yes, baba?''
He wants the controller 3 feet away from him. 

Gotta love our Mammas and Babas!



Anonymous said...

Sister, I thought you were Somali...?

-Amina said...

I am a Somali, but I also consider myself an Arab. Alhamdulillah, I've spent most of my life in the Middle East and have heaps of Arab family. Also, Somali's are originally from the Arab peninsula so either way I am an Arab, and also an African.

Anonymous said...

Somalis are not from the Arab peninsula. Your confusing, Amharic with Somalis.
Somalis have their root, with Ancient Egypt, not Arabia :)


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