Thursday, January 12, 2012


This is my favorite top. It's the one I throw on when I have "nothing" to wear, or when I'm running errands. It's also my can-find-a-way-to-match-with-everything top.



Scarf: Scarf Queen
Top: Glassons 
White Top: Cotton On
Skirt: Max
Bag: Aldo
Shoes: Ezibuy


SaLuff said...

Love the mix of neutrals! said...

i loveee stripes, a lot of times you will see all three of my children with stripes on! Also really like your skirt!

trendy melbourne said...

very nice. I would never try it but I just might play with it

-Amina said...

SaLuff: Thanks! As much as I love the brightly colored pieces in my wardrobe, neutrals are my go to shades.

Ebs: Awwww! Kids always look the cutest in stripes. And, thanks! I was lusting after such a colored skirt for ages and got lucky when my sister gave me this one in Nov! :)

TM: Definitely go for it! But I gotta say, I always love your way of mixing colors and textures!

trendy melbourne said...

Amina thank u gorgeous. I find that I need to experiment a little at cuz i'm very comfortable now.

Sixth Avenue' said...

i love your top..stripes is becoming my new favorite lol love your blog btw just followed =)

HijabRevival.. said...

gorgeous!! hi im your newest follower!! please visit my blog too :)

UmmSultana said...

I love your style. Beautiful mashallah :)

following as well :)

-Amina said...

Sixth Avenue, I'm glad heaps of people are as into stripes as I am ;P Thanks for the follow also! I'm loving your style and blog!

HR, thanks for the follow! I've been secretly following your blog for the past year or so :p

UmmSultana, thanks! I like simple pieces for the everyday. Can't stand the thought of being too dressy when running errands.


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