Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tribal Inspired

Lately, I've been leaning more towards the comfortable pieces in my wardrobe. My days of dressing up and accessorizing are long gone. For now, I'm really enjoying the change. Although my accessorize collection is gathering quite a lot of dust. Lol.

Thanks to the sudden cold snap in the air, my trench coat has had to make an appearance while my winter coat sits in a bag in Australia. All my winter clothes are still in Australia, and I'm finding it quite difficult to dress suitably on the cold days Dunedin has been experiencing.


The scarf is actually cut from a piece from a Somali dress set. They're always so colorful and easy to wear. Needless to say, I love the print on this material, reminds me of native Navajo, Aztec and African prints.
Trench: Forever 21
Top: Dotti
Skirt: Supre
Shoes: EziBuy
Scarf: Non Branded
Ring: Lovisa


SaLuff said...

Love the scarf mA!

Kreamah said...

MashaAllah cute ootd, and that scarf is too cute

Anonymous said...

mashAllah the hijab is lovely!

LaiLa said...

I really love the scraf it's amazing!

edibe @ edbdesigns said...

I love the colour combo and I so know what you mean about having your clothes elsewhere... when we go somewhere else we think "nah I wont need that" and that item seems to be the only thing we need when we go LOL but you look great :)

-Amina said...

Saluff, Kreamah, Yasmin & Laila; thank you! I am in love with it! :)

edb, Totally! I left all my winter clothes back in Australia and we've been having some cold days in NZ, it feels like we're in winter already. Brr. But this also means SHOPPING! :D

UmmSultana said...

I love the scarf as well as the rest of outfit! You have such a beautiful smile sis :)


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