Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Sister's Shoes

Today's outfit was planned around the shoes that I wore. The weather these past few days was less than perfect (but if you like rain then hey, good for you!) so I had to ditch my flats for shoes that were more covered and ensured I didn't come home with wet feet.

The day started out beautifully, but I knew better than to be fooled!

I have to thank my younger sister for the shoes though. She bought these shoes last year, and has outgrown them. Yes, I just shared that fact with the world! My younger sister has bigger feet than I do, big deal! Moving on, I actually wanted the same pair when I saw hers, but being away for most of the year meant they were sold out by the time I came back so I consider myself lucky that she's outgrown them and now they're mine! Haha.


Scarf: H&M
Cardi: Unknown
Dress: Glassons
Bracelet: Lovisa
Shoes: Wildpair


edibe @ edbdesigns said...

I really like that cardi.. nice detail :)

SippingChai said...

Love the cardigan, too! Very cool shoes.

Chahrazad said...

Cute shoes & love your bracelet.


LaiLa said...

I like the cardigan it's so awesome!
and I also use the shoes of my little sister, she has the same number as me!


UmmSultana said...

Pretty :)

Sixth Avenue' said...

love the bracelet and the colour combo

-Amina said...

This is by far my favorite cardi also! It hasn't been worn much in the 1 year I've owned it, but these last few weeks, it has been out more times than I can count on one hand :p

Laila, just think of it as a blessing in disguise haha

Shay said...

black and grey always go well together :)

xx shay


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