Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm having the sort of day when i don't remember what day it is, and don't care either.

I've now been back home about five days, and i am yet to spend a proper day at home with my mum. Everyday has been spent out, either with my girls or with my sister(s):

Thursday: Arrived at 9am, went out at 11am to attend Dental Research Presentations with my sister and her friends, it was a thing for the School of Dentistry. I was bored out of my mind during 3 hours we were there. At night,  we met up with my sister's friends for dinner and just hung out. It was a blast!

Friday: Attended my first ever Bangladeshi wedding. Shahirah posted pictures and details here.

Saturday: Visited family friends.

Sunday: Woke up late, and bolted out the house to pick mum up from the airport. Went out to beach after sunset; that's my favourite time to go to the beach, it's peaceful and the air is crisp and clear (and there's no one there)

Monday: Went over to Lamya's and Shahirah's and baked Red Velevet Cupcakes, courtesy of Gourmet-Chick. 

Tuesday: Met up with my girls, and caught up with Shaymaa who's in town visiting from Auckland for the week.

Gosh i feel like time has been passing by so quickly, just last week Tuesday i was still studying, and constantly thinking of my upcoming break, and today, i've met up with my friends, still haven't had enough of my mum, and i'm dreading the weekend that's quickly approaching us. I don't want to stop having fun, i don't want to go back to studying, i don't want to leave Dunedin yet!

I better start planning my days carefully, gotta cram in as much friends-mummy-sisters-relaxation and me time.

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Shahirah Elaiza said...

You were tagged for a 'What's in My Bag?' post over at my blog!


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