Friday, September 17, 2010

Street Conversations

I was walking with a friend to class when she suddenly asked me-

A: Why is it that when a girl says i need to go to the toilet, her girlfriend(s) will say me too, but when a guy says the same his guy mate(s) will say something nonchalant like 'ok'?

Me: I don't know about the guy thing, but if i do it coz a) i realise i need the toilet, or b) just to go look at myself in the mirror.

A: That's vain. 

(We then proceeded to run across the street trying not get ourselves killed; though it would make for a riveting story in the Dom. Post don't you think?)


Love and Sugar said...

hahaha I love the male mentality. Funny creatures. So are we

-Amina said...

Lol, me too. We, on the other hand, are just awesome =D


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