Friday, July 15, 2011

The Wedding

It's finally here. This post is not going to be as picture heavy as I'd hoped it would be thanks to my laptop crashing. Our friend, Parisa's wedding was such an incredible affair. Being back with her, and her sister, and having a couple of the girls come down from Malaysia and Indonesia via Melbourn was oh-so-amazing. We haven't had all the girls together for about 2 years now, and this wedding was the perfect way to bring us, or most of us back together under the same roof. I've missed these girls so much!

Now onto some pictures.

The Arrangement on the Bridal Table.

With the Beautiful Bride.

The Whole Gang.

Yours Truly, at the End of a Long Day.

I opted for a traditional Somali dress, called a Dira'. It's a three piece dress made up of the dress, a petticoat and a dupatta-like material to either wear as a head-scarf or to drape on the shoulder. This specific style is called Ba' Wayney, which roughly translates to 'Big Bag'. Lol.

[photocredit: Sumayyah and Lamya]


Ebru said...

wow love alllll the colour MashAllah! I find Turkish weddings soooooo boring when it comes to the ladies who attend, same old same old, but you guys ROCK with the colours and outfits mashAllah!!! Im going to have to do something similar at the next wedding I attend!!

-Amina said...

Thanks Ebru! This was a wedding we waited patiently for! And besides, this was one of those 'Let's overdress' occasions where we knew we wouldn't stick out like sore thumbs lol

Texan after UAE said...

mashallah, all of y'all are gorgeous... Just gorgeous.. mashallah! and the colors are awesome!!!! :) :) :)

trendy melbourne said...

Mashallah ur all lookn mighty fine. hard to tell how;s the bride really.
Stunning Sisters!!!!!!

I'm not Somalian but I own 2 dira's and would wear it to Somalian weddings. I love it more then the traditional Eritrean costume. come to think of it I don't even own our trad dress.... heheh not patriotic enough.


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