Monday, October 18, 2010


In the Thursday paper, i read what i thought was the coolest thing ever and just what i needed to lift my spirits, hidden in the arts&lifestyle magazine was an article about Karen Walker selling TopShop items at her store which she hand picked all weekend. To be frank, that news made my day, i couldn't stop thinking about it, and i was glad i'd saved money from my last paycheck to spend over the weekend.

Saturday rolled around, i had work in the morning, and when i came back and after speaking to Shahirah over the phone, i dozed off and when i woke up, i didn't have the energy to get changed into presentable clothing and walk down to Wakefield Street, so i postponed my trip to Sunday.

Sunday, i woke up, looked outside my windown and lo and behold, it is raining cats and dogs. Did that dampen my spirits? No way! I wore the most weather inappropriate thing i had in my closet (and the only clean clothes i had); my black maxi dress and walked out. Although 2 minutes into the trip i was drenched as if i'd taken a dip in a pool, i was determined to keep going. So off i went.

I got to the shop on Wakefield Street, and it wasn't too full, though walking around was a bit tricky cause it is a small-ish shop. After looking around i was totally and utterly bummdr. I love Karen Walker as a designer, i respect and understand her design aesthetic but as my mum said, to each his own style. The items she got, though pretty were more suited for older women mostly. And if that wasn't enough, the prices were way out of my price-range, as a lover of clothes i am happy to fork out 100 bucks for a jacket, but out of the entire store only 2 things caught my eyes and they were both way over 100, i really wanted to cry then and there. I usually go to the KW store to relax, i like the layout, her clothes and absolutely adore her accessorize but this visit just made me slightly depressed.

I loved, loved, loved these two items, they're definitely on my wish list:

Sigh, if only my CC wasn't so overused. I guess i'm just going to have to wait a while, here hoping these 2 items remain in the store, i heard she's only keeping a few clothing items along with the shoes and bags.



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